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Punters Picks Horse Racing Software has the power to see every dollar on every race. Live!
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Punters Picks Software is all about following professional punters.
Punters Picks members are looking for huge professional bets coming from racing insiders and following these with your own bets. Simple. Punters Picks is a holistic package developed from years of research and development. Taking advantage of raw TAB betting feeds, our software developers have invested years in perfecting the technology to harness this information.

The subscription is suitable for professional punters and the casual punter alike. - No Contracts

Punters Picks Horse Racing Software is interested in tracking the money that is transacted through the Australian TABs. With integrated betting feeds from the 3 major TABS, we have the incredible ability to see the dollar value of money being wagered on live races. We can actually see the dollars being placed on racing events before the races take place. Our subscribers use our data, software and training to try and identify large bets coming from professional punters, then mimic those bets themselves. Money talks. Follow it.

Why is this information valuable?

We are interested in professional punters. Professional punters are an elite group of highly-disciplined and well-educated punters in Australia who don't approach the racing industry as a game of chance, but as a business. Some professional punters have been reported to make tens of millions of dollars in profit in a single year. Some people are aware of their existence; some people are not. However, very few are privy to the details of the profession, as it is an exclusive subculture which you generally must be born into or be invited to be part of.
Until now.
How much is it?
FREE Day Pass: This is a full featured trial available once for each person.
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